The Scandic Collection

Manufactured from solid European steamed Beech the Scandic range offers a contemporary feel whilst still maintaining warmth and character.

The crisp bevelled edge and selection of decorative switching allows the Scandic range to be used in any modern designed interior, from kitchen through to bedroom.

The steaming process gives a consistency of colour throughout the timber from heartwood to sapwood and a structural stability which the un-steamed timber does not have, thus allowing better machining and continuity of finish.

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Crisp Moulding

Clean lines of the bevelled moulding on the steamed beech of the Scandic range.


Making a Switch

Selection of rocker and trim finishes available, data and audio solutions or create your own with the i-grid range.


Kitchen Furniture

Get connected in the kitchen with our 45 amp switches, 13 amp Switched Sockets or our switched fused spurs!