Do you know about the halogen bulb ban?

Most People don’t know much about the halogen ban that was rolled out last month! You may however have seen huge sales of gu10 bulbs and other halogens in super markets recently… and now you know why.

When did the ban happen?

The EU started rolling out the ban on the 1st of September 2016. This ban is due to the average halogen lamp/bulb being up to 10x less efficient than your replacement LED and forcing everyone to be greener with their lighting consumption.

So how will this halogen light ban effect you?

Well obviously the biggest change will be having to shell out slightly more for an LED bulb to replace your existing halogen. That being said, LED is the fastest falling product cost in the market right now and with halogens being phased out will only help push the price down more.

There are substantial benefits from swapping to LED bulbs. You have the energy cost savings from the vast energy consumption drop. Your average LED Bulb will also last up to 15x longer than its halogen counterpart. LEDs also come in different colour temperatures allowing you to choose light colours to suit your interior designs.

Do you agree with the Ban?

Let us know what your thoughts are about the ban in the comments below!