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Do you know about the halogen bulb ban?

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Do you know about the halogen bulb ban? Most People don’t know much about the halogen ban that was rolled out last month! You may however have seen huge sales of gu10 bulbs and other halogens in super markets recently… and now you know why. When did the ban happen? The EU started rolling out the [...]

The Crabtree Lincoln Bakelite Switch

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We thought this image of a Crabtree Lincoln Bakelite switch with two different early styles of packaging might be of some interest to our customers! Our new Bakelite switch range doff’s it’s hat from a design point of view to this early icon of Bakelite switching. Please send in any pictures of the old Crabtree switch [...]

The Bakelite Switch – The Story So Far

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The Bakelite Switch.... .........the story so far............. The original Bakelite material was patented by Belgian born Leo Hendrik Baekeland in New York in 1907, it was the first truly synthetic thermosetting plastic which meant it could not be melted or changed by heating once formed! Once set, this plastic was unaffected by heat, solvents or [...]